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Top Hat Potty with cozy and non-slip band

Top Hat Potty with cozy and non-slip band


This top hat potty is the perfect size for newborns and young babies (0 - 12 month olds).


It can be held securely between your thighs as you cradle your little over it (while breast or bottle feeding for example) or sit behind them for baby to provide a cosy support to help them relax if they need to go.  With its small size it is great for night-times as well, or on-the-go in the car.


It comes with a cotton fleece-cozy around the top edge so your little one finds it comfortable on their bottom and reduces the chance of spray, as well as a non-slip rubber band to help you keep your grip on the potty.


Recyclable, made of lightweight and BPA-free plastic, it is approximately 18cm wide and 12cm tall and weighs 142g.


After use, dump contents into toilet and flush, then rinse with warm soapy water and dry ready for next time.  

The potty cozy can be washed by hand or in the washing machine on cold or warm with like colors, and low temperature tumble dry.

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