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Tiny Trainers (3 pack)

Tiny Trainers (3 pack)


A 3-pack of one-size absorbent training pants made of super-soft 100% OEKO-TEX certified cotton shell with two layer needle-punched cotton core that will not bunch or shift over time for the best protection and most comfort.  


With the first wash and dry the core will "fluff" up like a cloth diaper prefold does.  These double-layer core will capture a small to medium sized pee to keep your floors and clothing relatively dry while still enabling your child to feel wet when an accident or 'miss' occurs. 


The colour has been specifically selected so that you can see when they are wet and learn what your little one's natural timing is and to gently respond by talking to them about what happened (acknowleding) and changing them into a new dry one.


Low-rise, anatomically-correct fit for babies, young toddlers, and older toddlers who typically have a tiny waist and protruding belly; tag-free and itch-free. The Tiny Trainers rise is slightly higher than that of the Tiny Undies to compensate for the lack of stretch in the padded area of the training pants, and to enhance the ease of pulling up/pushing down.


For extra protection (e.g. night-time or when out-and-about) simply cover one or two layers of Tiny Trainers with a wool or modern-cloth nappy cover.  


See size chart in images for correct fit if you want to measure your baby's waist and legs before purchase.

Wash in cold or warm water and tumble dry on low

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