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Mini Potty

Mini Potty


The mini potty is a great size for babies who can sit comfortably (with your support), and for toddlers to get on by themselves once they're walking.  Best for 3 - 24 month olds.


Bringing things down to their size will help them own as much of the process as they can - the potty is approximately 27cm long by 14cm wide and only 22cm in height. 


It is lightweight (170g), with a high splash guard in the front and a reinforced handle in the back for easy handling as you or your toddler tip the contents into the toilet.  


The rubber feet give a secure hold on the floor but I'd still recommend using it on a bathmat for any escaping spray or if your little one gets up too quickly.


Currently available in grey but more colours will be available in future.  Designed by Andrea Olson from Go Diaper Free in the USA and made in China from #5 recyclable plastic.  


We stock this potty in the Nappy Freedom online store because it is a great design and want it to be available to New Zealanders for less cost than when purchased overseas (due to high shipping costs to NZ).

After use, dump contents into toilet and flush, then rinse with warm soapy water and dry ready for next time.

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