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Toileting in the big wide world


Out and about

Some babies are quickly comfortable in the outside world, while others are very sensitive and require protection from over-stimulation when away from the comfort of home (this is where babycarrying works wonders). 


In the same way that you take into consideration when your child might be hungry or sleepy, you'll gradually develop an awareness for when and where you can offer an opportunity to go to the toilet.  It can help to have them wear easy-access clothing since facilities vary widely.  You may like to start by just offering a toileting opportunity at transitional moments like when you are leaving home or arriving anywhere, or at any time you are near a bathroom.  You can take a potty with you or just have a well practiced hold you can use over any toilet or sink. 


Keep an eye on whether they seem to be sensitive to toileting somewhere new.  Once you are both confident toileting out and about there is often much less to carry than with a nappy-wearing baby.  In the rare instances that there is no bathroom nearby but you know your baby has to go you could cue your baby in their nappy, then find a place to change soon afterwards.

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