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How Nappy Freedom came to be

The overarching purpose is to normalise baby toilet learning in New Zealand.

Hi everyone! I am Jen, the mama behind Nappy Freedom and one of the many people who are committed to broaden the awareness and skills for toilet learning in New Zealand. 

Nappy Freedom is a social enterprise, started in mid-2020, to provide learning opportunities and easy-access clothing and accessories that make life easier for parents.

All of our profits are reinvested into our mission to encourage and empower parents to start or continue toilet learning at whatever age they choose to reap the sustainability benefits of cost saving (economic), reduced waste (environment), honouring our babies instincts and skills (cultural) and raising their confidence when it comes to their awareness and control of their bodies (social).

Mother and Baby on the Beach

Prior to becoming a mother I was a sustainability professional, and researched all the most eco-friendly ways of raising babies and became fascinated by the concept of elimination communication. Once settled in with our newborn I gave it a go and it wasn’t long before I was hooked – I couldn’t believe that this practice wasn’t more well-known when it has the potential to prevent or solve so many problems we face in parenting today.

As our daughter grew we had a really enjoyable time incorporating her toileting into our lifestyle wherever or however it suited us as well as her (sometimes full-time, part-time or not at all depending on the circumstances) all the way to ditching any nappies at home from 17 months, and switching to training pants at daycare at 19 months once her signals were clear for anyone to understand. 

I have been nerding out on this topic for nearly two years now, and I hope the resources prepared for you on this site give you an enticement to consider starting toilet learning with your baby, toddler or child of any age.   I welcome you to follow Nappy Freedom on social media and get in touch if you have any questions or feedback, or wish to book in a private chat or group workshop.  I aim to respond as soon as possible and give you some encouraging words no matter what the query.

Best wishes and remember to keep it fun,

Jen xx

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