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6-9 month olds


When the mobility begins (6-9 months)

Now your baby is at an age where they are more mobile and more easily distracted it may be more of a challenge for your baby to stay focused and interested on the potty (long enough to relax and pee) so it comes down to the caregiver to make it as enjoyable and engaging as possible.  A favourite toilet-time toy or looking into a mirror together (e.g. the one on the wall when toileting over  a sink) can be useful, but if they aren't interested then just keep the offer short and try again later. 


Your baby is going through many big developmental changes at this age so it is likely that toileting with you isn't a huge focus for them during this time so its entirely normal to take a few short breaks at this time.  See our help section or FAQ's for more guidance around this.  

As your baby is more aware of their surroundings at this age they may also have a strengthened desire for privacy keep that in mind when you offer. If you are in a strange place it might be worth reverting to the in-arm holds to reassure them or take them with you to various toilets when you're out an about so they see there are lots of places that you - their most trusted friend - goes. 

Baby Playing with Abacus

Positions that work well for babies that can sit

Once a baby has started sitting by themselves you could incorporate an assisted sitting position, e.g. on an appropriately sized potty or a toilet seat reducer.  It is important to support their middle so they don't accidentally lurch off and hurt themselves.  They will start communicating their preferences for their favourite (most comfortable) positions and locations more often, so get confident with a few different ones so you can change it up when needed.  Remember, you can still use the cradle hold and back hold anytime.

Clothing tips for rolling/crawling babies

Long or short sleeve shirts, or singlets, paired with a nappy and legwarmers works really well.  If you have open-crotch leggings or chaps with a good waist-band they can be your nappy belt, keeping legs warm at the same time.  Sleep-gowns with nappies are great for night-time instead of messing with onesies or sleeping-bags.  A prefold or muslin cloth tucked into a nappy belt or chaps may come loose as they crawl if they're very active, so cloth nappies over chaps is a safer option.

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