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Learn how to connect with your

baby's toileting needs and save on nappies

through an age-old method that's

making a modern comeback

What is baby toilet learning?

While nappies are very convenient, we don't need them as much or for as long as they're currently used.  It is much cleaner, cheaper, easier and more comfortable for your baby to learn "to do what you do" early on rather than using nappies as their only toilet and having to re-learn later (i.e. toilet train).  With your help and guidance, a baby of any age can learn how to pee or poo in a toilet, potty, bowl, sink or even on the grass. 

Assisting your baby to toilet in a proper place is a loving bonding activity any caregiver can excel in once they know how to gently and respectfully offer a toileting opportunity.  Letting your baby participate in this way helps them stay clean more often, retain their bodily awareness and become nappy independent as soon as possible.  Find out more...

What and why

Guiding your baby on how to toilet is a common practice in many places of the world...

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