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An overview of the various opportunities for toileting your baby

What type are you?

Offer only every morning after waking up - Morning Pee Catcher

Offer only at night - Night-time Catcher

Offer only at home - Home Catcher

Offer only in the daytime - at home and out and about - Day-Catcher

Offer only at daycare - Daycare Catcher

Offer only in the morning - Morning Catcher

Offer only when with Dad - Dad the Catcher

Offer only before and after a meal - In and out Catcher

Offer only before leaving the house - Pre-Transport Catcher

Offer only at routine times - Routine Catcher

Offer only before Bed - Bedtime Catcher

BOX of examples:

Baby is playing nicely, but all of a sudden starts crying.  It's been about 10 minutes and you know baby usually needs to go by now.

You are about to leave Grandma's house and offer a toileting opportunity before getting into the carseat. You get home 25 minutes later and offer again after right getting out. 

You are walking/babycarrying with a friend and suddenly feel a hot sensation where the baby is sitting on you, you check but find the nappy is dry.  You offer and they go. 

You are cooking dinner and think “it's been a while”





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